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  • doctoral dissertations,
    master's theses,
    bachelor's theses

    Our collection of academic papers includes several large works written in fulfillment of the requirements of Doctoral, Master's, and Bachelor's degree programs. The existence of these works is not widely-known. Yet they are not only important inroads of objective thinking into mainstream academia, but they are also an invaluable resource for both students and casual readers. We're proud to bring these theses to light, and encourage you to submit your own theses and papers. We hope that these resources will assist you with your own research. Please respect all copyrights; these people have worked hard for their degrees, and share their products with us at some risk.

    Master's theses and doctoral dissertations are usually available for purchase through Bell+Howell (aka 'UMI'). Authors receive royalties for copies sold over a certain number. If you would like to purchase a bound copy of a thesis or dissertation, please use the Bell+Howell search engine.

    Doctoral Dissertations

    Foundations for a Realist Theory of Causality
    Author: Rick Minto, Subject: Metaphysics, Size: 1000 K, Date: 2000-8 -28

    Identity and Universals: A Conceptualist Approach to Logical, Metaphysical, and Epistemological Problems of Contemporary Identity Theory
    Author: Carolyn Ray, Subject: Metaphysics , Size: 396 K, Date: 11-11-1998

    Epistemic Circularity: an essay on the problem of meta-justification
    Author: Larry Sanger, Subject: Epistemology, Size: 1461 K, Date: 2000-8-12

    Foundationalism: A Direct Realist and Developmental Account,
    Author: Stephen Hicks, Subject: Epistemology, Size: 798 K, Date: 08-12-2000

    Master's Theses

    Differential Synthetic Geometry: a Possible Foundation for a Theory of Gravity
    Author: Craig Spencer, Subject: Physics, Mathematics, Size: 2 K, Date: 2000-9-25

    Essentialism, Reference, and Logical Possibility
    Author: Neil Haddow, Subject: Epistemology, Size: 297 K, Date: 2000-8-28

    Bachelor's Theses

    Between Instinct and Habit: The Role of Dispositions in Moral Decision-Making
    Diana Mertz Hsieh, Subject: Ethics , Size: 114 K, Date: 03-10-1997

    The Logic and Validity of Emotional Appeal in Classical Greek Rhetorical Theory
    Author: Bryan Register Subject: Epistemology , Size: 288 K, Date: 05-01-1999