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Essentialism, Reference, and Logical Possibility
by Neil Haddow

Winter, 2000
Copyright: Neil Haddow

Table of Contents:


Chapter 1 The first chapter will examine two standard accounts of logical possibility, and in light of the deficiencies of these accounts provide a partial taxonomy of possibilia. Logical possibility (and impossibility) will be defined and contrasted to physical po ssibility (and impossibility), and essential possibility (and impossibility).

Chapter 2: The second chapter will examine Kripke's theory that names and natural kind terms are rigid designators; they signify kinds and causal origins that are both discovered by science and necessary a posteriori.

Chapter 3 The third chapter will examine the moral twin earth argument of Terrance Horgan and Mark Timmons; this will illustrate the thesis of this essay that essential necessity constrains thought experiments in a more useful way than logical possibility is able t o do.



Essentialism, Reference, and Logical Possibility

Presented in Partial Fulfillment

of the Requirements for the

Degree of Master of Arts

in the Graduate School of

The University of Waterloo


Neil Haddow, B.A.

Winter, 2000

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