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  • neil haddow

    Neil Haddow was a awarded a Master of Arts degree in spring 2000 from the University of Waterloo, Canada, where he is currently pursuing his doctorate in philosphy.

    Economic Man, Minimal Benevolence, and the Inadequacy of the Preference Satisfaction Theory of Well-Being
    Author: Neil Haddow, Subject: Ethics, economics, Type: Academic, Graduate, Size: 49 K, Date: 2001-2-27

    Toward A Logically Consistent Kind of Ethical Egoism
    Author: Neil Haddow, Subject: Ethics, Type: Academic, Size: 97 K, Date: 2000-9-6

    Troubles with Moral Twin Earth
    Author: Neil Haddow, Subject: Ethics, Type: Academic, Master's Thesis, Size: 74 K, Date: 2000-8-23

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