Enlightenment is dedicated to the discovery, encouragement, publication, and advancement of rational scholars and scholarship focusing on or using the method of objectivity. This site currently publishes six million words of new original research and analysis, and a couple of essential classics too.

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    The Enlightenment lists have moved home!

    Analytic, Dictionary, and Locke now reside on www.supersaturated.com. You may read the threads and sign onto the notification lists at http://supersaturated.com/journal.

    Thanks to Ted O'Connor for generously hosting the lists in the pre-birth and childhood days of the supersaturated journal software.

    Journal-writing space is now available for purchase. Please write to Carolyn for more information. Some students may be eligible for free space.

    Do you have a special topic to discuss? Enlightenment will create a list for you, and you can keep an eye out for budding scholars who post. We ask only that you moderate responsibly and encourage your subscribers to develop their thinking skills. Please let us know if you get nicely-argued essays that might be good for the web site.

    Contact Carolyn Ray with a list proposal.


    Analytic is conceived, created, and run by Bryan Register for scholarly-level academic discussions of specific topics and works. Register originally created the list to facilitate his studies for a course in which he was enrolled at the University of Texas. The current topic is Tom Radcliffe and Carolyn Ray's paper-in-progress, "Entities, Edges, and Existence: An Epistemological Excursion", which was recently delivered at the TOC Advanced Seminar. Participants are expected to have carefully read and analyzed this work; spectators are welcome. Sign on


    Dictionary is Carolyn Ray's baby. We exchange definitions by genus and differentia, for discussion and argument and eventual inclusion in an online dictionary. "Rand's question" or Locke's "historical plain method" are good places to start the development of a definition; show your work! Naturally, the most interesting words will be controversial ones in any given discipline, and common words upon which Objectivist/conceptualist method can shed good light.Sign on


    Locke is a read-only list. Carolyn is currently reading Locke's An Essay Concerning Human Understanding, and as she comes across passages that she suspects would be of particular interest to Objecti-types, she mails them out, usually every few days. The list provides a somewhat guided introduction to Locke; then you can really get to know him by reading the full text on line. Sign on.

    Enlightenment's lists are being provided by
    Ted O'Connor. Much gratitude to you, Ted!