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  • rick minto

    William "Rick" Minto works as a Documentation Specialist for Decision Consultants, Inc., an information technology services company based in Southfield, Michigan. Before immigrating to the United States from Canada in 1998, he taught introductory logic and philosophy for six years at the University of Western Ontario in Canada, where he was granted a Ph.D. in philosophy in 1997. He is currently an adjunct faculty member in the School of General Studies for the University of Phoenix (Detroit Campus). Recently, he has taught Critical Thinking, Foundations of the Free Market System, Mind and Machine, and Ethics in Management. In his spare time, he co-edits the Objectivist newsletter Full Context with his wife Karen (formerly Reedstrom), and plays with his dog, Mr. Spock.

    Foundations for a Realist Theory of Causality
    Author: Rick Minto, Subject: Metaphysics, Type: Ph.D. Thesis, Size: 1 K, Date: 2000-8-28

    BBTC Chapter 2: Alternative Positions on Vegatative Action
    Author: Rick Minto, Subject: Philosophy of Science, Type: Chapter Study, Size: 12 K, Date: 1994-4-21

    OPAR Chapter 10: Government
    Author: Rick Minto, Subject: Politics, Type: Chapter Study, Size: 13 K, Date: 1993-11-17

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