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  • irfan khawaja

    Irfan Khawaja received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Politics from Princeton University in 1991, and his Master of Arts degree in Philosophy from the University of Notre Dame in 1994, where he is currently registered as a doctoral student. His dissertation is entitled "Why be Moral? Revisiting An Old Question, Posing a New One." The dissertation is an exploration, from an Objectivist perspective, of methodological issues pertaining to the foundations of ethics. During the 1998-1999 academic year, Khawaja worked on the editorial staff of the Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic. Currently, he is adjunct professor of philosophy at The College of New Jersey. His interest in Objectivism and in philosophy began as a freshman in college when he read, and was overwhelmed by, Nietzsche's "Twilight of the Idols" and Ayn Rand's "The New Left: The Anti-Industrial Revolution."

    Whose Liberalism? Which Individualism?: Review of Colin Bird's The Myth of Liberal Individualism
    Author: Irfan Khawaja, Subject: Ethics, Politics, Type: Academic, Book Reviews, Graduate, Journal Reprint, Size: 84 K, Date: 2001-8-29

    Transcripts of the First Online Conference
    Author: Bryan Register, Ted O'Connor, Matt Zwolinski, Bryan Register, Chris Sciabarra, Irfan Khawaja, Agnes Koos, Subject: Epistemology, Ethics, Metaphysics, Politics, Type: Academic, Commentary, Draft, Informal, Online Conference, Size: 6 K, Date: 2001-4-21

    Objectivism Versus Conservativism: Four Letters
    Author: Irfan Khawaja, Subject: Politics, Type: Informal, Size: 44 K, Date: 2000-10-18

    The Proper Function of Government: Two Newspaper Columns
    Author: Irfan Khawaja, Subject: Ethics, Politics, Type: Informal, Size: 28 K, Date: 2000-9-13

    Smoking, Irrationality, and Coercion: Three Letters
    Author: Irfan Khawaja, Subject: Ethics, Politics, Type: Informal, Size: 39 K, Date: 2000-9-13

    Man As An Individualist Animal: A Review of Tibor Machan's Classical Individualism
    Author: Irfan Khawaja, Subject: Politics, Type: Book Reviews, Size: 94 K, Date: 2000-9-4

    Tom Bethell on Objectivist Individualism: A Response
    Author: Irfan Khawaja, Subject: Ethics, Type: Informal, Size: 25 K, Date: 2000-8-23

    Comments on Tara Smith'sViable Values
    Author: Irfan Khawaja, Subject: Ethics, Type: Academic, Online Conference, Size: 99 K, Date: 2000-8-15

    BBTC Chapter 5: Value-Significance
    Author: Irfan Khawaja, Subject: Philosophy of Science, Type: Chapter Study, Size: 13 K, Date: 1995-2-15

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