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  • tibor machan

    Books by Tibor Machan and the authors he cites can be purchased through these links. Proceeds from the sale will help support the activities of Enlightenment.

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    Tibor R. Machan, Professor Emeritus at the Department of Philosophy, Auburn University, AL, holds the Freedom Communications Professorship of Free Enterprise and Business Ethics at the Argyros School of Business & Economics, Chapman University, CA. He is a Research Fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University, as well as public policy adviser to Freedom Communications, Inc., a family owned media company in Irvine, CA.

    Machan fled Hungary as a boy with the help of a flesh-peddler (or so TIME magazine called folks who made money off liberating people). He then, after having learned first hand about modern Soviet style Communism, lived under the brutal, Nazi-sympathizing household of his father for three years. In time they all went to the USA, where after six months he took off and became, at age 18, independent and reasonably self-sustaining.

    A tour of duty in the US Air Force - with a stint as an actor at Andrews AFB and the welcome liberating discovery of Ayn Rand as he played in The Night of January 16th - acclimated Machan to the West. It also readied him for the academic life, where he earned BA, MA and PhD degrees in philosophy and launched a career that has by now issued in two dozen single author and a dozen and a half of edited books, as well as the co-founding of the mature Reason Magazine, editing of Reason Papers, An Interdisciplinary Journal of Normative Studies, and much else that has been of some help to advancing the cause of liberty and good, sound philosophy.

    As the quintessential romantic Hungarian, Machan's pursued, with a bit less success than in his academic forays, married life, resulting in three marriages and divorces, albeit with three utterly delightful children, as well, who by all accounts are most satisfying in their development (not to mention their politics and great company).

    Machan has lectured around the world on libertarian political philosophy, business ethics, and various philosophical topics. He is as close to as it is possible to be a public philosopher, who aside from scholarly works writes newspapers columns and magazine articles, and gives media interviews all the way from Argentina to New Zealand and Greece. Most recently he was featured on American ABC-TV journalist John Stossel's prime time TV program, "John Stossel Goes to Washington."

    A professor in the school of business as Chapman University, Machan also advises the family owned media corporation, Freedom Communications, Inc., with their libertarian core editorial and company values, and is research fellow -- and editor of the series Philosophic Reflections on a Free Society for the publishing arm -- at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University, California.

    If you would like to take a look at some of his works as well as family pictures, check out http://www.tibormachan.com

    Individualism and the Vitality of Community Life
    Author: Tibor Machan, Subject: American Culture, Ethics, Politics, Sociology, Communitarianism, Type: Academic, Annual Meeting, Draft, Size: 36 K, Date: 2001-5-3

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