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  • michael newberry

    Michael Newberry is an American artist living on the Mediterranean Island of Rhodes, Greece. He has exhibited his work throughout the world. He taught at Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles 1990 through 1994, though only one day a week. In the last couple of years he has given seminars for artists at the Objectivist Center's Summer Conference. And he has given the following lectures on aesthetics: Detecting Metaphysical Value Judgements in Painting, The Creative Process, and Form vs. Formlessness. He has written two articles: Metaphysical Value-judgements in Art, The Journal of Ayn Rand Studies 2, no. 2 (Spring 2001). And a review of Sue Coe's Porkopolis at the Santa Monica Museum of Art, the Southern California Herald American Newspaper, August 10th 1992. In July ’99 he was featured in CNN International’s The Art Club, which had a worldwide audience.

    He comments that "My entire adult life has been spent creating art from my soul and I have been blessed to be able to live off my work."

    You can view an archive of his work, read more about him, and stay posted with his Studio Updates at www.MichaelNewberry.com

    About these Portraits:

    The medium is Rembrandt soft pastel on black Canson paper and the pastel has been protected with Talens fixative. They have identical rough and ready frames (these are not polished frames), 3 1/2" wide, they are black stained wood with plexiglass. The surface of the plexiglass is set off about 3/8" from the surface of the drawing, guaranteeing that pastel does not rub off onto the plexiglass.

    They are from a series of pastel portraits that I am making of friends who live on Rhodes.

    Author: Michael Newberry, Subject: Aesthetics, Psychology, Self Esteem, Visual Arts, Type: Art, Informal, Life On Earth, Size: 6 K, Date: 2001-9-6

    Author: Michael Newberry, Subject: Aesthetics, Visual Arts, Type: Art, Size: 1 K, Date: 2001-9-3

    Author: Michael Newberry, Subject: Aesthetics, Visual Arts, Type: Life On Earth, Art, Size: 1 K, Date: 2001-9-3

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