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  • The 1st Annual Enlightenment Meeting

    June 3rd - 7th, 2001 La Jolla, CA, USA

    Application Procedures

    The purpose of this interdisciplinary meeting is to discuss current writing and thought by scholars working in the Aristotelian, Abelardian, Lockean, and Objectivist traditions. All participants are expected to critique each other's work in a spirit of collaboration toward the common goal of truth-seeking.

    Topics may include but will not be limited to logic in artificial intelligence and natural language, natural language parsing software, formal ontology, a theory of propositions, the nature of entities, emotion and cognition, the relationship between the findings of quantum mechanics and the principle of causality, the structure and nature of concept hierarchies, the role of dialectic in Scholastic thought, emergent properties, the morality of pornography, Locke's historical plain method, epistemic issues in understanding visual arts, the value of nature.

    Requirements for Acceptance

    To be accepted to the conference, regardless of whether you will present a paper, you must submit:

    • your contact information, including phone, address, and email address. URL is optional.
    • one substantial essay suitable for publication on the Enlightenment web site. The original purpose and completion date of the essay is immaterial. Essays written for academic coursework are welcome. Please see the submission guidelines for instructions.
    • critical responses to two of the existing essays, by (an) author(s) other than you, on the Enlightenment site, or on some other existing web site. These well-argued critiques should be 3 or more pages long and include appropriate references. These responses will also be published on the site. (Note: These critical responses are required in addition to the commentary you will submit in response to one of the conference papers.)
    • a biographical note. Please include your degrees, the major and minor fields, the granting institutions, and the dates granted; if major papers or projects were completed in fulfillment of the requirements, please include the titles. You may make the biographical note as long and detailed as you wish. It will be posted on your author page on the Enlightenment site, and may be updated as you see fit. A version of it will be printed in the proceedings of the meeting as well.
    Submission Timeline
    • November 1st, 2001 : Participants who intend to present papers must apply by November 1st, 2000. Please see the Call for Papers for details.
    • March 1st, 2001 : Application materials are due.
    • May 1st, 2001 : Partipants' drafts of commentaries on the papers to be delivered at the meeting are due. Each participant is required to submit at least one written commentary. Revisions to the commentaries will be accepted before publication of the proceedings.

    Submissions: must be submitted via email, to Dr. Carolyn Ray, light@enlightenment supersaturated.com; no physical hardcopy submissions will be considered. Ascii (.txt) , Word (.doc), or Rich Text Format (.rft) are all acceptable formats. Please do not send pdfs; consult with the conference director in extenuating circumstances.

    Please Post September 25, 2000 through May 1st, 2001