Enlightenment is reaching out to Objectivists, Objectivist scholars and writers, and objective non-Objectivists, to furnish forums for the publication of Good Work. The collection includes work about Objectivist philosophy as well as work about unrelated issues or in unrelated areas that are produced by clear, objective, reasonable thinkers. If you have some Good Work to offer, please don't hesitate to inform us. I know that some people have been hesitating to publicize their work here because they don't think that it would be of special interest to "Objectivists." But "Objectivists" are all kinds of people. And with the growing numbers of maturing scholars--both academic and non-academic--who sympathize with one or more aspects of Objectivist philosophy, the Enlightenment audience is much wider than we can comfortably imagine.

Readers here seek their own level; not everyone will be interested in commentaries on prime matter in Aristotle's Metaphysics or cogitations on Searle's performatives. But some people will be interested in them; and if just one person reads your old college paper on Husserl here and because of it makes a new conceptual connection, then Enlightenment's purpose is fulfilled. Traffic is increasing daily, and visitors stay a while exploring the collection. That wouldn't be the case if the general consensus were "Who'd wanna read this dumb ol essay on Peirce that's been sitting in the back of my t-shirt drawer?"

Scholarship: It's not just for academia!

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