Enlightenment is dedicated to the discovery, encouragement, publication, and advancement of rational scholars and scholarship focusing on or using the method of objectivity. This site currently publishes six million words of new original research and analysis, and a couple of essential classics too.

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    Enlightenment will now accept paid advertising. A quick tour around our site will tell you that scholarly activity is our primary interest, and that a quiet, distraction-free display of text is our preferred environment. Show your support for these intrepid warriors for reason by advertising your enterprise with a sophisticated, text-only ad. (Design assistance is available.) For hit rates and pricing, please write to carolyn_OF_supersaturated.com.
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    How you can ensure that Enlightenment will receive funding through your purchase of a book or movie through Amazon.com:

    Our agreement with Amazon is very specific. If you're trying to help us by following our links to Amazon.com, here is what you need to know:

    1. Enlightenment gets 5% (five percent) of a sale, if you click in through a generic link, OR if you use one of the special links to particular books but buy some other book instead. OR, if you buy a movie or DVD, neither of which is eligible for the 15% earning.
      Say you need books, and decide to click through to Amazon from the Enlightenment site, even though we don't link to the books you need. If you buy $100 worth of books, we'd get $5! That would pay for about six days of the site's existence. Twelve such purchases would fund both the space on the web server and the phone line to the web site for one month.

      This would make Carolyn smile.

    2. Enlightenment gets 15% (fifteen percent) of a sale, IF and ONLY IF you buy the particular book named in the link, AND do so during the visit to the book's page on Amazon, AND if the book is on sale that day for a 10%-30% discount (which most of them are).
      Say you decide to buy How to Become a Whim-Worshipping Muscle-Mystic--Without the Hassles of Religion for $10, because one of the evil evaders writing for this site reviewed it. If you click the book title link, and buy it as soon as you get there, Enlightenment gets $1.50. You've just paid for a day of hosting on the web server.

      Note well: As soon as you get to the page on Amazon describing the book mentioned on this site, drop it in your shopping cart. You have to purchase the book before you leave the site. If you leave and come back later, Enlightenment gets nothing.

    Here is an excerpt from the Amazon agreement that explains the fee schedule--not very well, granted. I don't think I'll fully understand this until the site has actually generated some revenues and I can see how it all works:

    Referral Fee Schedule You will earn referral fees based on Qualifying Revenues according to referral fee schedules to be established by us. "Qualifying Revenues" are revenues derived by us from our sales of Qualifying Products, excluding costs for shipping, handling, gift-wrapping, taxes, service charges, credit card processing fees, and bad debt. The current referral fee schedule is:

    15% of Qualifying Revenues from the sale of each Individually Linked Book that, on the date of order, is listed in our catalog at 10% to 30% off the publisher's list price and that is added to the customer's Shopping Cart directly from the first page that results from following a Special Link to the Individually Linked Book.

    5% of Qualifying Revenues from sales of all other Qualifying Products (except as noted below), including: Individually Linked Books that, on the date of order, are listed in our catalog at the publisher's list price (such as special order books) or at a deep discount of more than 30% off the publisher's list price; and Qualifying Products other than books (e.g., CDs, DVDs, VHS tapes, and so on).

    However, referral fees for products other than books, music, and videos are limited to a maximum of $10 per item, regardless of the Qualifying Revenues derived from the sale of any such item. You should note that only books can qualify as "Individually Linked Books" and that the referral fee percentage for any Qualifying Products other than books is 5% of Qualifying Revenues (up to a maximum of $10 for products other than books, music, and videos), regardless of whether such item is individually listed on your site.

    we're still doing it for love.
    we just need some cash, so that our operating budget can reach (or--dare we hope?--exceed) its current obscenely overinflated goal.
    (philos loving , sophia wisdom)

    If you'd like to help Enlightenment, please buy books and movies via links directly to amazon.com, link to this site from your site, or see the Annual Meeting Page for additional ways to assist in the discovery and advancement of Objectivist scholars.