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  • Current Events, 05/22/03
    What's going on at Enlightenment these days? The site has published no new materials in a year. The founder and director of Enlightenment, Dr. Carolyn Ray, began research on artificial intelligence two years ago; this project has been the focus of all her intellectual activity since that time. At the Second Annual Meeting, she gave her first public presentation on her research. All subsequent work has been private. She expects that the work will remain private until the toy model, now under development, is functioning--whether or not it demonstrates the viability of Dr. Ray's theory of mind. Thanks for your continued interest.

    Please note that email addresses on the site have been disguised in order to prevent spammers from using unintelligent automated methods for collecting addresses of authors and other contributors. If you are an intelligent agent who wishes to send inquiries about the artificial intelligence project, or to write to any of the other authors, you will have to translate the address into standard format and type it manually; mailto links no longer work. We apologize for the inconvenience but have concluded is worth thwarting the spammers.

    Speaking of spam: Here's a plug for SPAMBOUNCER, a free program for use on UNIX systems, written by Catherine Hampton. When spam finally dies, it be due in large part to Hampton. Install, and enjoy the silence.

    Third Annual Meeting, 05/22/03
    The Enlightenment Third Annual Meeting is postponed until further announcement.

    Second Annual Meeting Dates, 04/09/02
    The Second Annual Meeting will be held in La Jolla, June 23-27.

    Second Annual Meeting Plans
    It's time to begin planning for the Enlightenment Meeting. The Meeting will again be held in La Jolla, California, in the summer of 2002. Serious scholars should start considering topics to submit. I request a list of blackout dates for all people interested in participating; this is a list of prior commitments that cannot be broken (as opposed to your preferred vacation schedule) and that would interfere with your attendance. I will do everything possible to accommodate all requests in the scheduling of the Meeting; best submissions, people teaching classes, and students in class will be given priority in the selection of dates.

    Blackout dates must be received before October 31. Please do not send me a list of dates that you prefer.

    Printed proceedings from the first Meeting, consisting of revised papers discussed at the meeting along with commentaries and some background material, are currently in production. They will be available for sale via the web, in hardback and paperback.

    What has Enlightenment done lately? Check the Latest Releases page.

    Papers to submit? Question? Comments? Write to Dr. Carolyn Ray and Dr. Tom Radcliffe ( and