The Secret Transcripts of Enlightenment's First Online Conference

By Enlightened Participants

History cannot be fought. Witnesses were there. Biographies will be written. The truth will be revealed eventually. You may as well hear it from Enlightenment first. Know these names. Learn their ways. And if you see any of these people, for their own sakes, turn them in.

At the conference, the speaker was mercifully spared the chaos of the PlayRoom, where Annointed Participants might spar and snipe at random targets. The moderator (that would be me) attempted at first to control the boundless energy of Annointed Participants. But it was not to be. Next, she attempted to make sense of the flux, passing more or less coherent questions to the speaker. Said Annointed Participant Bryan Register, after his own talk, and upon sporting in the PlayRoom for a time,

This room is much more fun than the other one, where it's all lonely and Carolyn mediates your contact with the real world. I felt like Descartes. Except that I had this window into reality whenever I clicked on it to see what was taking you people so long.

Enlightenment: Preserving history, while taking nonsense to a whole new level.

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