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Identity And Universals
A Conceptualist Approach to Logical, Metaphysical, and Epistemological Problems of Contemporary Identity Theory
by Carolyn Ray

Date: 11 Nov 98
Copyright: Carolyn Ray

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Table of Contents:

I. Prior Commitments and Their Puzzles
II. The Things That are Not: Against Science Fiction Thought Experiments
III. Universals
IV. Metaphysical Conditions Versus Epistemological Criteria
V. Personal Identity
VI. The Concept UNITY
VII. Spatiotemporal Continuity and the Discernibility Of Non-Identicals: Criteria For Nonpersons
VIII. Intentional Contexts
IX. Of Men, Cats, And Artifacts: Contextual Identity Versus Relative Identity
Appendix A: Brain Regions And Their Functions
Appendix B: Brain Damage And Neurological Disorders
Appendix C: Cast Of Characters
Curriculum Vitae

Submitted to the faculty of the University Graduate School in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree Doctor of Philosophy in the Department of Philosophy, Indiana University, November, 1998

Accepted by the Graduate Faculty, Indiana University, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy.

Karen Hanson, Ph.D., Chair
Noretta Koertge, Ph.D., Doctoral Committee
Dennis Senchuk, Ph.D., Doctoral Committee
Paul Vincent Spade, Ph.D., Doctoral Committee

Oral Examination: Wednesday, November 18, 1998

Copyright Carolyn Ray 1998, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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