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The Logic and Validity of Emotional Appeal in Classical Greek Rhetorical Theory
by Bryan Register

Date: 1 May 99
Forum: University of Texas at Austin
Copyright: Bryan Register

Thesis Composed to Meet the Honors Requirements for the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Speech Communication in the College of Communication of the University of Texas at Austin at Austin Fall 1998 to Spring 1999.

Thesis Adviser: Ronald Greene
Second Reader: Richard Cherwitz

"Back to the rough ground!" - Ludwig Wittgenstein

This thesis is dedicated to Chris Furlong and Jeff Casey, my first colleagues.

Table of Contents


Ronald Greene, my thesis adviser, made the whole project possible and gave me many excellent suggestions. Richard Cherwitz agreed to be my second reader. Thanks to these two speech scholars.

I got a great deal of help from my previous instructors in the philosophy department. Thomas Seung, who created my interest in Plato, read a draft of chapter two. Jim Hankinson read a draft of the first section of chapter three, and Bob Solomon - to whom I owe my interest in the emotions - read a draft of the second section of chapter three. Time disallows me from incorporating all of their thought-provoking comments in the thesis as it stands, but I will be chewing over what they have said for some time to come.

Carol Poster responded to some questions I had about a paper of hers and went so far as to send me a copy of a working paper of hers on Plato. Chris Matthew Sciabarra sent me a draft of his forthcoming book which discusses Aristotelian methodology at some length. My wife Sarah was supportive throughout the work.

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